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The Ultimate Office Water Cooler

Enjoy the pure refreshment of the ION™ Bottleless Water Cooler. With the best in class technology and designed to fit on most countertop spaces, even when space is limited.

Watch the video to learn about ION Bottleless Water Cooler.

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Model Options

  100 200 300 400

Instantly Chilled

Available on all Models

Unlike other coolers, the ION is reservoir-free. Instead, the ION's uniquely engineered design freshly filters every glass instantly on demand. Your water is always the freshest and at its best.


Offering 10x the cooling capacity of a standard office water cooler


Dispenses up to 80 glasses in 40 minutes


Perfect Temperature (5.5°C)

Hot on Demand

Available on Models 200 and 400

The ION hot water dispenser is everyone’s cup of tea because its in-line design and advanced temperature control support the high capacities needed to keep larger crowds happy.

2 gal

Serving up to two gallons of freshly filtered hot water an hour


Self-sterilized for optimal hygiene with each cup of 180°F (82°C) water dispensed


Available on Models 300 and 400

As employee demand for sparkling water grows, the cost of all those water bottles can add up. That’s why smart companies are switching to the more cost-effective ION sparkling water cooler. Sparkling is easier than ever! For smaller offices and homes, use an internal CO2 Tank that can be changed with a simple twist. The 60L tank carbonate up to 250 glasses before needing a refill. For larger offices, use external CO2.


Glasses of instantly carbonated water per 10lb CO2 tank


Available on all Models

Many people are curious...what is Ambient?

Ambient water is simply room temperature water. In the ION, this means that water goes through the filter, bypasses the cooling coils, and goes straight to your glass.

You can use Ambient water when cooking, or some people with sensitivity to extreme cold will enjoy the Ambient Water feature.

CarbonPlus filter

CarbonPlus filter is a commercial-grade carbon block filter that filters down to 0.5 microns. Made from the highest quality coconut shell carbon it’s the most convenient and sanitary way to change filters. Just twist to remove, with no tools and even without turning off the water supply.

CarbonPlus is highly effective at reducing Chlorine, Taste, and Odor. CarbonPlus contains proprietary media for lead reduction, and is self-certified for reduction of cysts, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia and is self-certified to meet NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards.

Water Bottle Service

Commercial water cooler dispenser with a unique modern design. These units are designed for flexibility, superior hygiene and easy maintenance. Cabinetry offered in Charcoal, Silver or White with black accents. Readily removable front panel makes maintenance and cleaning a simple task.